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Neal Morse – Testimony, The Book

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From the obscurity of dozens of California bar bands and nightclubs to the heights of some of the most prestigious concert venues worldwide, Neal Morse recounts the events that led him though the maze of musical, personal and spiritual experiences that shaped his life. Starting from his first musical endeavors as a child, Neal bears his soul as he recalls the pitfalls, heartaches and temptations along his journey.

This hard-hitting, inspirational autobiography takes the reader from Neal’s club days to the formation of Spock’s Beard and from the rigors of musical and personal burnout to the wondrous joy of spiritual fulfillment and purpose. The book spans approximately 230 pages in paperback form, and includes photos from all stages of Neal’s life.

When one listens to the beautiful, tormented, honest, and compelling progressive music of Neal Morse, your curiosity is piqued in wonder: “where did he find the inspiration, much less the training to compose such works of art?” In his autobiography, Testimony, Neal recounts his youth in a hyper-creative family, his explorations through the counter-culture realm, and long forays into the world of the struggling muse in a material world. 

With crisp detail and astonishment, he looks back on the many pitfalls and challenges of his life (many of his own making), as well as the joys and triumphs of his family, spiritual journey, and musical career that are still blossoming.  While many others would have given in to complacency or sold-out to easier commercialism in their mid-life, Neal Morse continues to soar ever-higher, taking us into the heavens with him.  For anyone seeking the source of their creativity, Testimony will serve as invigoration as well as showing the peace that comes through brokenness and surrender.

— Mark Hollingsworth (Author of Embracing the Gray; former manager of Sixpence None the Richer, Steve Taylor, Petra, and Smalltown Poets)


Not only is Neal Morse one of my favorite musicians and song- writers of all time, but he is also one of my favorite people in the world. And besides being a great musical companion to me for over 10 years and as many albums, he’s been a dear friend and a hugely positive influence on my life. His music has touched and inspired so many around the world, and now his story will as well.

— Mike Portnoy


The Stevie Wonder of Prog tells all!

Paul Gilbert


Neal is one of the few musicians that I know, who can put his music in perspective: it is a reflection of his life and spirituality. If you live life with a higher calling, your music will reflect a higher point of view.

— Steve Morse


More than anyone else that comes to mind (with the possible exception of my parents) Neal has influenced my life in many positive ways, by simply working with and being around him. Over the years and without consciously trying, he’s led me to many breakthroughs both personally and professionally just by example or by revealing his unique insight and perspective on things. Perhaps this book, his story written in his words, can do the same for you.

— Dave Meros


It is hard to fathom anybody who has as complete a mastery of his own gifts as does Neal Morse. Proficient instrumentalist, incisive singer/songwriter, inventive arranger, compelling worship leader and brilliant conceptual architect…Morse accomplishes all of these things with a dexterity that is thrilling yet with a humility that inspires personal reflection and a search for truth. 

— Shawn McLaughlin, Christian Musician Magazine

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