“Sola Scriptura” Demos Released


“With Sola Gratia on the way, I thought it would be cool to share with you the demos for Sola Scriptura (or “Martin,” as it was called in the project’s early stages!) Like the new Sola, this was an album I demoed in full, playing all the parts, before Randy and Mike added their magic. At demo stage, it also didn’t feature “Heaven in my Heart,” as that was something that only later I realized should be part of the album.”

The Sola Scriptura Demos are also available to stream on Neal’s streaming app, waterfall!

Audio files will include cover and CD artwork!

(Quick note for audiophiles: These tracks are offered only as MP3 files because that is all that is left from the original demos! Unfortunately, we aren’t able to offer WAV or FLAC versions that people sometimes request.)


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