Radiant Vinyl Exclusives

Vinyl lovers! It’s your day!
Many of you have been asking about reissues of past albums and I’m delighted that Inside Out are releasing the debut Transatlantic album SMPT:e plus the first two Cover To Cover albums on vinyl. As always, they will be beautiful items, will sound great, and you get to enjoy the artwork big-style!
But wait, there’s more! Radiant Records has very limited quantities of exclusive vinyl colors that you can only get from our store! If that isn’t enough, order $85 of vinyl from Radiant (including any previous releases) and get 15% off your order AND… I’ll sign the first 50 copies of the three new releases!
SMPT:e vinyl release date: April 30th
Cover To Cover & Cover 2 Cover vinyl release date: April 23rd
(Note: if you order both titles, the order will ship when we receive stock of the later release.)
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