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We Came From Space – Overlords


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Overlords is the third full-length album from We Came From Space, following 2018’s While You Were Away.  This album contains two songs previously released on the 2018 Reasons In The Rhyme EP.

While not a concept album by any means, a loose theme emerged on the subject of the known and unknown forces that watch and control our lives.  These “overlords” may be corporations, people in our lives, our own narrow thinking, and even AI driven technologies.

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Track Listing:

1. Overlords  (10:45)
2. On the Radio (7:33)
3. Empty Space (5:06)
4. She’s the Bomb / Atomic Blues (10:39)
5. Reputation (5:32)
6. Silent Letters (5:12)
7. Facade (4:56)
8. Seize the Day (9:19)

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