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Testimony, The Book (Audio)


Over 6 hours of Audio! Neal reading himself! Download now!

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Over 6 hours of Neal reading his book with his own feeling and style. Many of the song lyrics he spontaneously sings while also adding interesting bits, insights and humorous additions along the way! Complete with music clips from the original albums by Transatlantic, Spock’s Beard and his own solo albums, Neal enhances his story in an intimate way that is touching, funny and intensely personal. He “puts you there” in a way that only an author can.

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From the obscurity of dozens of California bar bands and nightclubs to the heights of some of the most prestigious concert venues worldwide, Neal Morse recounts the events that led him though the maze of musical, personal and spiritual experiences that shaped his life. Starting from his first musical endeavors as a child, Neal bears his soul as he recalls the pitfalls, heartaches and temptations along his journey. This hard-hitting, inspirational exposé takes the reader from Neal’s club days to the formation of Spock’s Beard and from the rigors of musical and personal burnout to the wondrous joy of spiritual fulfillment and purpose. The book spans approximately 230 pages in paperback form, and includes photos from all stages of Neal’s life.

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