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An amazing experience! The original Testimony band w Mike Portnoy. EXCELLENT DVD!

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Neal Morse’s Testimony was one of the most ambitious and critically acclaimed progressive rock albums of the past year. Lauded equally by the mainstream and CCM press, the album received numerous honors, from Progressive World (Top 5 Albums) to The National Review (10 Best of the Year).

“I’m Neal Morse, and this is my story,” Neal says at the start of the performance. Over the next three hours, he performs the compelling tale of his spiritual and musical journey.  Morse effortlessly combines hard rock, gospel, classical, country and contemporary pop into one imaginative, totally original work.

The DVD was recorded on one unforgettable night at the beautiful Dutch concert hall, (named only as a number) 013, during his European tour. The performance (and tour) won him “Best Rock Tour” from the Dutch Progressive Rock Poll, besting nominees Peter Gabriel, Radiohead, RUSH and others. (Neal also won Best Album for the Testimony studio release.)

Neal is accompanied by a stellar cast of distinguished performers, many performing on multiple instruments to recreateTestimony’s vast sonic tapestry. Led by 19-time Modern Drummer award winner Mike Portnoy, each musician is a successful artist in their own right, assembled together to perform this extraordinary work. Join them for 3 hours of fantastic, genuinely live music. And one incredible story.

Track listing:

DVD 1: Part One: The entire Testimony album performed by 8 incredible musicians!

DVD 2:
01. We All Need Some Light 02. The Light 03. Stranger In Your Soul + 70 minute Tour Documentary featuring rare behind the scenes footage from the rehearsals to the last gig in California.

Total Running Time: approx. 4 hours and 10 minutes Double DVD housed in a stylish slipcase with a 16 page full color enhanced booklet filled with great photographs from the tour.

Neal Morse (vocals, guitar and keyboards)
Mike Portnoy (drums and vocals)
Eric Brenton (guitar, violin, flute, mandolin and vocals)
John Krovosa (electric cello)
Bert Baldwin (keyboards and vocals)
Rick Altizer (guitar, keyboards, percussion and vocals)
Randy George (bass, keyboards and vocals)
Mark Leniger (percussion, saxophone and vocals)

TESTIMONY LIVE was recorded at the 013, Tilburg (NL) on the 17th of November 2003. Same venue as the Spock’s and Transatlantic DVDs. We’re not sure why every DVD that Neal’s involved in is shot there, but we guess that it’s practical for some reason. This is possibly the best one yet in terms of quality. Superb camera work, (complete with swooping crane shots), great sound and lighting capture this emotional performance by these world-class musicians in an astounding way. And if the whole Testimony album weren’t enough, then they come back for encores of classic material from Spock’s Beard and Transatlantic. If you didn’t have the opportunity to see one if these rare shows this is the next best thing.

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