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These demos of the Testimony album, Neal’s first solo album after leaving Spock’s Beard, have never been released before. This was a time where Neal wasn’t sure what his next step was going to be. This flood of musical inspiration arrived just in time, which is what you will hear in these demos.

The music will have been familiar to you with the various index points that were eventually added to the CDs — but Testimony began life as five long tracks, which is how it is presented here. What you hear is exactly what would have been sent to Mike Portnoy and the other musicians involved in the album as you hear it!

Audio files will include cover and CD artwork!

(Quick note for audiophiles: These tracks are offered only as MP3 files because that is all that is left from the original demos! Unfortunately, we aren’t able to offer WAV or FLAC versions that people sometimes request.)

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