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Spock’s Beard: Don’t Try This at Home – Complete!


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The Spock’s Beard  live albums, which were some of the very first Radiant Records releases, are mostly out of print in physical form.  We thought it would be great to make those available to purchase as downloads for those who weren’t around in the early days.  Don’t Try This At Home – Complete is a 1999 show from the Day For Night tour recorded at the 013 in Tilburg, presented for the first time in the full running order).

Available in MP3 and WAV versions, the tracks are:

1. Day For Night
2. Mouth of Madness
3. Skin
4. Gibberish
5. Go The Way You Go
6. June
7. The Healing Colors of Sound
8. Ryo’s Solo
9. The Doorway
10. The Light
11. Squonk
12. Waste Away/ Fire
Recorded at the 013 Tilburg, Holland, September 28, 1999.

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