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Songs From The Highway


Acoustic folk classic featuring great songs from Neal: “That Crutch” and “There is Nothing God Can’t Change”

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Neal Morse – Songs From The Highway

Recorded in January of 2007 with only one acoustic guitar and one vocal, this is some fresh, intimate and different stuff than you’ve ever heard from Neal. And the songs are amazing. There are some real classics on this one. From the touching “There is Nothin’ God Can’t Change” to the haunting “That Crutch” to the amusing qualities of “The Talking Mega-Church Blues”, this is a CD that will speak to you for a lifetime. These songs are based on Christian themes but they are not just for Christians. They are for anyone who can appreciate a great song with an open heart. Here’s a review: Following in the footsteps of great folk pioneers comes a fantastic Dylan styled album from modern Prog Rock legend Neal Morse. The ever prolific and unpredictable Morse has stripped himself to the intimate simplicity of one voice and an acoustic Guitar to bare all in praise, prophecy and protest. Neal has only brought me to tears twice and only one of those times with a song. That song is here on “Songs From The Highway” in the tune “Resurrection Ground”. A song of humility and surrender, sacrifice and ultimately peace that passes all understanding. Such is the power of these simple songs, the power to touch our guarded hearts. – David Atkinson

Here’s the track list:

1. Isaiah 60 2. There Is Nothin’ That God Can’t Change 3. That Crutch 4. I Dreamed Of A River 5. Talking Mega Church Blues 6. You Can Be Delivered 7. Resurrection Ground 8. What He’s Done For Me 9. Prayer For Germany 10. Make Me A Dishwasher 11. Pierce My Heart 12. Maybe If We Praise Him

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