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Neal Morse – ? Question: Live – 2 CD set

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Neal Morse – Question: Live

Upon its release in 2005, Neal Morse’s Question was quickly recognized as one of the most ambitious and critically acclaimed progressive rock albums of 2005.

Question perfectly captured Neal’s diverse, international listener appeal. The accolades ranged by genre from mainstream progressive rock (Dutch Prog Rock Pages, Netherlands: “Top 5 Albums of the Year”), to Contemporary Christian (Cross Rhythms, UK: “10 out of 10 stars”), to modern rock (The National Review Online, US:_“Album of the Year”), to hardcore metal (Metal Glory, Germany: “10 out of 10 stars”).

Fast forward to late 2006. Neal embarks on a European tour to perform the entire album, start to finish. It’s as much a technical challenge as a musical one. His unique combination of sophisticated composition, ever-changing structures, and melodic focus needs just the right group of performers. Neal finds them in five extraordinary European musicians, some largely unknown to prog fans.

Morse takes his new band to enthusiastic audiences across Europe. Together, they tear through the entire album with the intensity of a new band, resulting in brilliant but nuanced performances. At one magical show in Germany, the tape is rolling.

Judged by the UK’s Classic Rock magazine as “One of the 100 Greatest Frontmen of Rock,” Neal engages both the audience and band members throughout the concert. After performing all of Question, he plays an additional hour of fan favorites, culminating in a sensational encore of Neal’s most popular songs. By the end of evening, both musicians and the audience recognize they’ve been part of an electrifying musical phenomenon.

Question: Live allows listeners experience that night as it happened:_one spectacular performance on one amazing night. No re-takes. No studio overdubs. Just 2 hours of fantastic, genuinely live music.

Check out this track listing:
Disc One: The entire Question Mark album Live! 1. The Temple of the Living God 2. Another World 3. The Outsider 4. Sweet Elation 5. In The Fire 6. Solid As The Sun 7. The Glory Of The Lord 8. Outside Looking In 9. 12 10. Entrance 11. Inside His Presence 12. The Temple of the Living God Total Time disc one: 60:22

Disc two: (From ONE) 1. The Creation 2. The Man’s Gone 3. Cradle To The Grave (With Wil Morse) 4. Help Me/The Spirit And The Flesh 5. King Jesus 6. Reunion BONUS TRACK: 7. Encore Medley: We All Need Some Light Open Wide The Flood Gates Solitary Soul Wind At My Back Total Time disc two: 77:35

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