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Neal Morse – The Dreamer – Joseph: Part One


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On the heels of the “Jesus Christ the Exorcist” Rock Opera, Neal Morse’s latest prog epic aptly entitled “The Dreamer – Joseph: Part One” tells the classic story of Joseph (the one with the coat of many colors!) using the medium of progressive rock as only he can!

The story unfolds with Morse employing amazing vocalists like Ted Leonard (Spock’s Beard, Pattern Seeking Animals), Matt Smith (Theocracy) and Jake Livgren (Proto-kaw, Kansas) to sing in the roles of Joseph’s brothers, as they grow dark with jealousy and throw him in the pit.

As well as casting the characters in the story, Neal also sought out the finest musicians for the musical “roles”. So you’ll hear the soaring guitar playing of Steve Morse (Deep Purple, Dixie Dregs) and Eric Gillette (NMB) among others, as this familiar story comes alive through amazing music that will thrill all fans of progressive rock. The album however has everything a fan would look for: from long epics and odd time signatures, to very melodic and song-oriented tracks.

“The Dreamer – Joseph: Part One” is everything you would hope for from a new Neal Morse progressive rock album and more. And this is just Part 1, ending with Joseph in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. “Part 2” will follow in 2024!

“I have to say I am extremely pleased with the way this album came out!” explains Neal Morse.  “As with many creative endeavors, there are times along the way where you start to wonder where you’re at and if it will come together in the end. I am so happy to report that this one really has come together and exceeded my expectations! The guest vocalists are fantastic,and the string arrangements are extraordinary! Jerry Guidroz did an exceptional job on the mix, and I am so excited to share this album with all of you! Now on to part two…”



  1. Overture
  2. Prologue/Before The World Was
  3. A Million Miles Away
  4. Burns Like A Wheel
  5. Liar, Liar
  6. The Pit
  7. Like A Wall
  8. Gold Dust City
  9. Slave Boy
  10. Wait On You
  11. I Will Wait On The Lord
  12. Ultra-Violet Dreams
  13. Heaven In Charge Of Hell (Eat ‘Em And Smile)
  14. Why Have You Forsaken Me?



Eric Gillette

Gabe Klein

Neal Morse

Sam Hunter

Gideon Klein

Steve Morse

Andre Madatian

Mark Leniger

Jim Hoke



Joseph – Neal Morse

Judah – Ted Leonard

Reuben – Matt Smith

Potiphar’s Wife – Talon David

Slave Driver – Jake Livgren

Simeon – Wil Morse

Jacob – Mark Pogue

Warden and Prison Guards – Matt Smith, Mark Pogue, Wil Morse, Gabe Klein, Chris Riley



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