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Morsefest 2017: Testimony of a Dream


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Morsefest 2017: Testimony of a Dream

The Neal Morse Band, the progressive rock collective comprised by singer/guitarist/keyboardist Neal Morse, drummer Mike Portnoy, bassist Randy George, keyboardist Bill Hubauer and guitarist Eric Gillette, released their critically admired double-disc concept album The Similitude of a Dream, almost two years ago on November 11th, 2016. It was the eighth studio album with the core of MorsePortnoy and George, and the second as a true collaboration with this current lineup.

Clocking in at over 100 minutes, The Similitude of a Dream became the most applauded release that Morse has helmed to date, garnering raving reviews from critics and fans alike. The 2017 tour was their largest yet, including new continents for the band, and ended with a final performance at Neal‘s annual event Morsefest, held at the New Life Fellowship in Cross Plains, Tennessee, during Friday September 1st and Saturday September 2nd, 2017. Free from the constraints of studio recordings, Morse expanded his musical vision for Morsefest 2017, augmenting the already astounding Neal Morse Band with live strings, a horn section, orchestral percussion, dancers, female background singers and a full choir. The first night of the event saw the performance of rare epics songs from the Morse’s catalog plus the Testimony 2album in its entirety, while The Similitude of a Dream album was played from head to toe for a last time during night two.

November 16th 2018, this once-in-a-lifetime event will be released on Radiant Records, and distributed by Metal Blade Records/SONY in several formats. Dubbed as Morsefest 2017: Testimony of a Dream and clocking in over 5 hours of material, the fans will be able to choose from the following:

  • 2DVD/4CD Digipak
  • Double Blu-ray Set
  • Limited 50 pages Deluxe Artbook Set (includes 2 DVDs, 4 CDs, 2 Blu-ray) with never-before seen photographs, 5 postcards, an exclusive poster and a certificate of authenticity. Limited to 2000 copies worldwide!

Digital downloads of the music portion will be available from Radiant Records in uncompressed audio, and on iTunes. Sonically outstanding, the audio was mixed by the band’s own guitarist Eric Gillette (who also recently mixed their The Similitude of a Dream: Live in Tilburg 2017release), and mastered by long-time collaborator and world renowned engineer Rich Mouser.

Additionally, a one-hour documentary* will give viewers a fly-on-the-wall perspective at what really happened behind the scenes during this epic event; featuring candid moments from the band, other musicians and the crew: a truly engaging glimpse into the whirlwind of staging such a monumental production. Last, but not least, for the first time ever the versions including Blu Ray discs will feature Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS-HD Master 5.1 as additional audio options.

* Included only on Blu-ray discs, not on DVDs



1    Intro    01:47

2    Lifeline    12:23

So Many Roads:

3    Part I – So Many Roads    04:40

4    Part II – Star for a Day    04:39

5    Part III – The Humdrum Life    05:26

6    Part IV – All the Way to the Grave    05:16

7    Part V – The Eyes of the Saviour    07:13

8    Part VI – So Many Roads (Reprise)    01:16

9    Supernatural    07:54

10   Seeds of Gold    26:36



1    Mercy Street    06:15

2    Overture No. 4    05:20

3    Time Changer    06:24

4    Jayda    07:32

5    Nighttime Collectors    04:34

6    Time has come Today    04:44

7    Jesus’ Blood    06:40

8    The Truth Will Set You Free    07:52

9    Chance of a Lifetime    06:49

10   Jesus Bring Me Home    04:46

11    Road Dog Blues    02:49

12    It’s For You    05:57

13    Crossing Over / Mercy Street Reprise    11:59



1    Intro    02:56

2    Long Day    01:52

3    Overture    05:56

4    The Dream    02:45

5    City of Destruction    05:12

6    We Have Got To Go    02:30

7    Makes No Sense    04:16

8    Draw the Line    04:01

9    The Slough    03:01

10   Back to the City    04:26

11   The Ways of a Fool    09:41

12   So Far Gone    05:14

13   Breath of Angels    07:24



1    Slave to Your Mind     06:08

2    Shortcut to Salvation    04:42

3    The Man in the Iron Cage    05:20

4    The Road Called Home    03:34

5    Sloth    06:04

6    Freedom Song    04:02

7    I’m Running    03:46

8    The Mask    05:18

9    Confrontation    03:54

10   The Battle    03:04

11   Broken Sky / Long Day (Reprise)    10:47

12   Author of Confusion    10:05

13   The Call    10:54



  1. Lifeline
  2. So Many Roads
  3. Supernatural
  4. Seeds of Gold


SET 2 – Testimony 2 Album:

  1. Mercy Street
  2. Overture No. 4
  3. Time Changer
  4. Jayda
  5. Nighttime Collectors
  6. Time Has Come Today
  7. Jesus’ Blood
  8. The Truth Will Set You Free
  9. Chance of a Lifetime
  10. Jesus Bring Me Home
  11. Road Dog Blues
  12. It’s for You
  13. Crossing Over / Mercy Street Reprise

Extras: Documentary – Behind the Scenes at Morsefest 2017 (only present in Blu Ray discs)


SET 1 – The Similitude of a Dream, Part 1:

  1. Long Day
  2. Overture
  3. The Dream
  4. City of Destruction
  5. We Have Got to Go
  6. Makes No Sense
  7. Draw the Line
  8. The Slough
  9. Back to the City
  10. The Ways of a Fool
  11. So Far Gone
  12. Breath of Angels


SET 2 – The Similitude of a Dream, Part 2:

  1. Slave to Your Mind
  2. Shortcut to Salvation
  3. The Man in the Iron Cage
  4. The Road Called Home
  5. Sloth
  6. Freedom Song
  7. I’m Running
  8. The Mask
  9. Confrontation
  10. The Battle
  11. Broken Sky / Long Day (Reprise)



  1. Author of Confusion
  2. Agenda
  3. The Call

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