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Inner Circle – The Similitude Demos Part One – May 2017


Mind-blowing demos and outtakes of the Neal Morse Band’s “The Similitude of a Dream.” Inner Circle only!

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NEAL MORSE – The Similitude Demos Part One, Inner Circle May 2017

The Pilgrim’s path has more twists and turns than we imagined. On this great new IC release, Neal takes you deep into the creation of the Neal Morse Band’s masterwork concept album, The Similitude of a Dream. With demos and outtakes that will blow your mind, Neal tells the story and lets you behind the curtain to see how this classic album was created. Included are sections of the original “Long Day” demo featuring Ted Leonard from Spock’s Beard on vocals and Bill Hubauer’s original demo of “Ways of a Fool.” A must have for all NMB fans!


Track listing:

1. Introduction

2. Bill’s Balloon Song (Ways Of A Fool Demo)

3. Intro for Ways Of A Fool Rough

4. Ways Of A Fool Rough (Neal’s Vocals)

5. Intro for Long Day Demo

6. Long Day Demo Part 1

7. Long Day Demo Part 2

8. Intro for Phone Memo Comp

9. Phone Memo Comp (The Dream, City of Destruction, Intro Riff, We Have Got To Go, Makes No Sense)

10. Intro for NMB Writing – January 2016 Demos

11. NMB Writing – January 2016 Demos

Compilation by Neal Morse

The Inner Circle Is Going Digital starting May 2017!



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