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Inner Circle – The Neal Morse Band: Live in Limbourg – January 2019


The Neal Morse Band performs “The Similitude of a Dream” LIVE in Limbourg! Inner Circle exclusive!

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Inner Circle, January 2019 – The Neal Morse Band: Live in Limbourg

FOR INNER CIRCLE MEMBERS ONLY – Experience The Neal Morse Band’s epic performance of their triumphant double-album, The Similitude of a Dream,¬†live in Limbourg. Video downloads available!


(If you’re not already a member of Neal Morse’s Inner Circle, join here!)



Chapter 1:

1. Long Day

2. Overture

3. The Dream

4. City of Destruction

5. We Have Got to Go

6. Makes No Sense

7. Draw the Line

8. The Slough

9. Back to the City

10. The Ways of a Fool

11. So Far Gone

12. Breath of Angels



Chapter 2:

1. Slave to Your Mind

2. Shortcut to Salvation

3. The Man in the Iron Cage

4. The Road Called Home

5. Sloth

6. Freedom Song

7. I’m Running

8. The Mask

9. Confrontation

10. The Battle

11. Broken Sky / Long Day (Reprise)



12. Agenda

13. The Call



The Neal Morse Band: Live in Limbourg filmed, edited, and provided by Olivier Dague. Thank you, Olivier!




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