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IC #107 – Spock’s Beard: In The Year 2020 – Jan 2023


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Spock’s Beard – In The Year 2020

This release is a combination of on and off-stage footage from the Spock’s Beard V Tour in the year 2000, together with a representation of the full V tour set list, created from various board tapes and other recordings, representing a full 2+ hour show!

Video content:

Intro from Neal

Video footage from Ludwigsburg show on V Tour
1. The Great Nothing (excerpt)
2. The Water
3. The Doorway
4. The Light
5. June
6. Go The Way You Go (Part 1)
7. Cold Shot
8. Manic Depression
9. Drum Solo
10. Go The Way You Go (Part 2)
11. Encore/ Squonk

Backstage footage

Bonus track!

Audio content

1. Intro – At The End Of The Day
2. The Good Don’t Last
3. Thoughts (Part 1)
4. At The End Of The Day
5. Skin
6. The Distance To The Sun
7. The Healing Colors Of Sound
8. Thoughts (Part 2)
9. Ryo’s Solo
10. The Great Nothing
11. The Water
12. The Doorway/ The Light
13. June
14. Go The Way You Go (Part 1)
15. Drum Solo
16. Go The Way You Go (Part 2)
17. Encore/ Squonk
18. Wasteaway

Compiled from various sources during the Spock’s Beard V Tour

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