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IC #100 – Solo Gratia: The Demos – Nov 2021


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I’m excited to announce that this month’s Inner Circle release is my Solo demo of Sola Gratia!
The IC release has three tracks: the first one is the first draft 64-minute demo of the album with me playing everything… drums… bass… you name it (remember, it was lockdown so that was the only option!) If you listen, you’ll hear some lyrical and musical ideas that didn’t make it in the end, so it’s interesting to listen back.
One of the challenges I faced was how to start this off. I had an overture written, which the first demo starts with, but I thought that maybe we should start with some of “In The Name Of The Lord” as the opening. Track 2 “New Beginning Idea” mashes up “In The Name of the Lord” with the overture. But I wasn’t sure about that. Then, two days later, I had the idea to start with a link into the end of Sola Scriptura and made a guitar demo of what became “Preface” on the album – that made it all make sense!
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