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IC #095- NMB 3: Some More Adventures – Jan 2021


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“I’m excited for you all to hear this month’s Inner Circle release! I explained at the time that the album came out, NMB 3 (which became ‘The Great Adventure’) went through many different forms before we arrived at the final album. I’ve already released a few of those work-in-progress versions… but wait… there’s more!

‘NMB 3: Some More Adventures’ is a set of demos I recorded from which relatively few parts ended up on the final album! Songs like “Welcome To The World,” “Great Adventure,” and “A Love That Never Dies,” are on this, but they are not like you might expect, as in most cases, the words and music developed in a different direction. As you know, in my writing demos, I often ‘La-De-Dah’ before I have lyrics written and there are some of those moments. There are all sorts of instrumental themes and snippets which have remained unheard… until now!

I hope you all enjoy this month’s Inner Circle release!”


Track Listing

  1. New Beginning/Welcome To The World
  2. Great Adventure
  3. Life Beyond Ourselves
  4. Dance Of The Tigers
  5. Farther And Farther Away
  6. Fiddly Bit 1 With Big Theme At End
  7. Love Is On The Way
  8. Mr. Moneylove/Hey Ho Let’s Go/The Hardness Of My Heart
  9. Big Theme Kyrie Eleison
  10. Brother Don’t You Know Me
  11. Piano Bit/Christiana Song
  12. A Love That Never Dies
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