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IC #008 – Hodgepodge – Jul 2006



A collection of demos and other rarities.


1 Orchestra Piece With No Title
2 Emma, Live At Calprog 2004
3 The Emperor’s New Clothes – Demo
4 Baby’s In Black, With Phil Keaggy
5 Ain’t See Nothin’ Like Me, Live At Calprog
6 A Bridge Across Forever, Live At Calprog
7 Snow Newscast
8 Good Don’t Last/Open Wide The Floodgates, Live At Calprog
9 If I Fell, With Phil Keaggy

Featuring – Phil Keaggy
10 Chataqua, Live At Calprog
11 Progressive Radio Bit
12 Reunion Demo, From The ONE Album
13 Jam With Phil Keaggy

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A collection of demos and other rarities. Here are the liner notes:

Liner Notes for IC Release July 06

Track 1  Orchestra Piece with no title. Recorded with synths on April 5, 1997, this is what the Inner Circle is all about for me. Finding some cool obscure piece of music I’d forgotten about. My Dad was directing the orchestra in his retirement community at that time and he asked me to write a piece for his orchestra. I wrote two as I recall. Maybe someday I’ll find the other one. They never performed it as it was too difficult.

Track 2  Emma, Live at Calprog 2004. I say enough about this on the CD.

Track 3  The Emperor’s New Clothes  Demo. The date for this one is listed as the same as the demo of “The Great Nothing”. April 3, 1997. I didn’t realize I’d written those songs so long ago. Anyway, this one I had completely forgotten about, but it has its moments.

Track 4 – Baby’s in Black with Phil Keaggy. When I went over to Phil’s house for the first time on February 25th, 2004, he basically handed me instruments and we started jamming and goofing around and he recorded the whole thing. We also did a few Beatles’ songs as he does the best Paul I’ve ever heard.

Track 5  Ain’t See Nothin’ Like Me Live, at Calprog.

Track 6 A Bridge Across Forever, Live at Calprog.

Track 7  Snow Newscast. This is the audio that’s on the Snow CD. I sound pretty silly as a news announcer huh? I guess I was too lazy to hire someone. Thought you might get a kick out of it.

Track 8 – Good Don’t Last/Open Wide The Floodgates, Live at Calprog. This is my favorite moment from that gig. The Ian Anderson snivel is the best part.

Track 9  If I Fell with Phil Keaggy.

Track 10  Chataqua, Live at Calprog.

Track 11  Progressive radio bit. Originally aired on WCPN in Cleveland. Produced by Chris Boros. Thought you’d get a kick out of this.

Track 12  Reunion Demo. From the ONE album. I’d forgotten the changes we made. It shocked my ears. Dig my MP drum programming. Well, I tried.

Track 13 Jam with Phil Keaggy. I put the whole jam on there as a bonus. Why not? It’s cool how Phil’s on one side and I’m on the other.

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