NEW Non-Music Neal Morse and Early Spock’s Beard-Related Merchandise Now Available thru Redbubble

For years folks have been asking for more Neal Morse merchandise options, and I’m happy to announce we’ve put together a site with one of the best international merch distributors, Redbubble, to exclusively carry some non-music items I think you’ll enjoy. 

Initially we will start with shirts, hats, buttons, wall art, coffee mugs, stickers, magnets, wall prints, pillows, etc. featuring album artwork from several Spock’s Beard classics (“The Light,” “The Kindness of Strangers,” and “Snow”), as well as two of my solo projects (“Testimony” and “?”). 

Down the road we hope to release additional album cover-oriented pieces, along with other new designs. 

What makes Redbubble so attractive is that they have manufacturing and distribution centers all over the globe, which will mean they will ship from within their international delivery network – all of which keeps the postage costs down!

Another great quality is that it is “print on demand,” so we can introduce new designs and products more regularly AND they’re available to you right away, in the full range of sizes – so no out-of-stocks because the popular sizes have sold out, etc. 

The website will still be the exclusive place to order all CDs, vinyl, DVD’s, BluRays, Inner Circle, Waterfall App, and certain older tour merchandise. So continue looking for those items there.  

All of the orders through the Redbubble site will be handled directly by Redbubble.  They have a terrific customer service department to handle all questions about orders, returns, etc. for their exclusive Neal Morse non-music merchandise pieces.

For all the NEW non-music Neal Morse and early Spock’s Beard-related items, check out our exclusive Redbubble site here:



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