If you were at Morsefest in London this January, you know the deal that our t-shirts got stuck in customs— beyond our control, but we’ve got them now, and they’re up for grabs TODAY!

For our European and UK supporters, there will be postage costs (sorry, but it’s the only way to get these goodies to you.)

The Testimony Morsefest hoodies flew off the shelves in London, so we’re doing another print run for those who missed out or couldn’t make it. Orders open until March 15th, then we’ll print based on demand! (NOTE: hoodie pre-orders are now closed.)

And guess what? We’ve got some spare Morsefest bags with unique designs for London, Europe, and the USA! The VIPs got these but we have a small stock of each for sale!

Don’t miss out — check it all out here:

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