YELLOW MATTER CUSTARD – One Night In New York City

May 26, 2024
Yellow Matter Custard
Radiant Records
Number of discs: 2

It’s been Mike Portnoy’s dream all his life to be in a Beatles cover band. (Who would’ve ever figured that?) Finally it came true one night in New York City. Recorded live at New York’s BB Kings Blues club May 18, 2003, YELLOW MATTER CUSTARD (Mike Portnoy, Neal Morse, Paul Gilbert and Matt Bissonette) perform some well known Beatles songs such as ‘Nowhere Man’ and ‘Revolution’, as well as more obscure tunes like ‘I Call Your Name’, ‘Think For Yourself’ and even a hilarious rendition of the ‘Let it Be’ b-side ‘You Know My Name’. With the amazingly Lennon-like sounds of Neal Morse’s voice, the incredible skill of Paul Gilbert (guitar, vocals) and Matt Bissonette (Bass, vocals) this disc brings the fab-four alive in all its simplicity and complexity. Somehow they found samples of the actual orchestra tracks from Sgt. Peppers and I Am The Walrus bringing the psychedelic Beatle era to life in stunning reality. Highlights include Paul Gilbert’s extended guitar solo in ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, Morse’s gut grinding vocals on ‘Oh Darlin’, Bissonette’s perfect bass playing in ‘I Want You’ and Mike Portnoy’s Ringo-esque drumming will surely surprise many. Produced by Mike Portnoy and Neal Morse.

Track listing:

Disc 1

1 Intro 2 Magical Mystery Tour 3 Dear Prudence 4 Dig A Pony 5 She Said She Said 6 I Call Your Name 7 You Can’t Do That 8 When I Get Home 9 Nowhere Man 10 Rain 11 Free As A Bird 12 Come Together 13 I Am The Walrus 14 While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Disc 2

1 Baby’s In Black 2 I’ll Be Back 3 No Reply 4 The Night Before 5 You’re Gonna Lose That Girl 6 Ticket To Ride 7 Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey 8 Oh Darling 9 Think For Yourself 10 Wait 11 Revolution 12 I Want You (She’s So Heavy) 13 You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) 14 Lovely Rita 15 Good Morning Good Morning 16 Sgt. Pepper (Reprise) 17 A Day In The Life

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