To God Be The Glory

July 13, 2024
Neal Morse
Radiant Records
Producer: Neal Morse
Number of discs: 1
What do you get when a progressive rock guy like Neal Morse makes an album of normal length songs about God? Not what you might expect. Some of the songs on this CD could definitely find a home on Christian radio, while others are off the beaten path, like “Welcome To The Kingdom” which has a driving gospel groove that will knock your socks off!
One can hear that Neal spent extra time on “To God Be The Glory” from the first note to the last. The excellence in songwriting and production make it obvious that great care was taken in the making of this record.
Joined by young newcomers Gideon and Gabriel Klein, and other fresh faces like Lara Landon, who sings lead on two tracks, Neal has created an album infused with passion, excitement and beauty. Produced by Neal Morse and Gideon Klein.
Track List:
1. This Is Our God 4:58
2. Welcome To The Kingdom 7:22
3. To God Be The Glory 4:50
4. Victorious 4:10
5. Jesus Is His Name 3:30
6. Not My Will 4:17
7. Jesus, You Are My Life 3:46
8. The Lion Of Judah 6:34
9. Song For The Seeker 5:26
10. Oh, For A Thousand Tongues 5:03
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