Spock’s Beard – The Light (Special Edition)

April 6, 2010
Spock's Beard
Number of discs: 1

Classic debut album remastered by Ken Love at Mastermix, this is still many listeners favorite Spock’s recording. BONUS TRACK – The Light (the original Demo). Included is a 16 page full color booklet with special liner notes by Neal Morse recalling his thoughts about the songwriting and making of each track. Contained in a beautiful outer sleeve, this is a package that’s almost as good as the music that’s on the inside. (1995) Tracklist: 1. The Light a) the dream b) one man c) garden people d) looking straight into the light e) the man in the mountain f) senor valasco’s mystic voodoo love dance g) the return of the horrible catfish man h) the dream 2. Go The Way You Go 3. The Water a) introduction/the water b) when it all goes to hell c) a thief in the night d) FU/i’m sorry e) the water (revisited) f) runnin’ the race g) reach for the sky 4. On The Edge BONUS TRACK – The Light (the original Demo). Additional musicians: Molly Pasutti and Wanda Houston – Backing Vocals Produced by: Neal Morse and Spock’s Beard

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