Get in the Boat – Acoustic/Folk Worship CD

January 1, 2013
Neal Morse
Radiant Records
Producer: Neal Morse
Number of discs: 1

Never one to rest for very long, Neal Morse has created a fine collection of acoustic/folk worship songs to start off 2013. “Many people have been asking me for a new worship CD, and I also had some ‘Songs from the Highway’ type songs I had written and I couldn’t decide which way to go. So, I decided to put them all on one CD together and take a more pared down, acoustic approach.”

The result is a refreshingly honest new album that is very close to the music one would hear at one of Neal’s worship events.  “I played the Cajon for the first time!” Morse reports. The album has no real drums or electric guitars, but this only seems to add to its heartfelt quality and uniqueness. Julie Harrison’s angelic voice can be heard throughout as well as occasional guest spots by long time friend Debbie Bressee and his son, Wil Morse. “It’s a mix of new songs that I wrote and music we have been playing in church for the last year.” And…this album has some GREAT acoustic jams! There are some really cool instrumental passages as well, so, there is a wide variety of music to choose from.

Included on the CD are beautiful versions of well known worship songs like “Holy Spirit Rain Down” from Hillsong, and Chris Rice’s’ “Come To Jesus”, as well as 8 new original compositions.



  1. Get in the Boat
    2. Desert Song
    3. We Will Trust God
    4. Shout For Joy
    5. Awake My Soul
    6. Defenses Down
    7. I Choose You
    8. Heal The Wounds
    9. By The Love Of God
    10. Overwhelm My Heart
    11. Upside Down
    12. You’ll Come
    13. Holy Spirit Rain Down
    14. Come To Jesus
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