FLYING COLORS — Third Degree

October 4, 2019
Flying Colors
Music Theories
Producer: Rich Mouser
Number of discs: 1

In chemistry, when certain galvanizing elements come together, they become quite explosive. In music, when certain galvanizing artists come together, they become Flying Colors. In fact, whenever the five gentlemen who encompass Flying Colors — guitarist Steve Morse(Deep Purple, Dixie Dregs, ex-Kansas), drummer/vocalist Mike Portnoy (Winery Dogs, ex-Dream Theater, Transatlantic, Sons Of Apollo), keyboardist/vocalist Neal Morse (Transatlantic, ex-Spock’s Beard, and a prolific solo artist in his own right), bassist Dave LaRue (Dixie Dregs, ex-Joe Satriani), and powerhouse vocalist and songwriter Casey McPherson (Alpha Rev, The Sea Within) — are able to conjoin their collective talents, the result is a sweet sonic bouillabaisse that reflects where their inherent mastery of melody intersects with top-shelf progressive musicianship.

With Third Degree, Flying Colors continue to fire on all cylinders — and, in the process, they also handily prove the third time’s an unquestionable sonic charm.

Flying Colors – Third Degree Track Listing

  1. The Loss Inside
  2. More
  3. Cadence
  4. Guardian
  5. Last Train Home
  6. Geronimo
  7. You Are Not Alone
  8. Love Letter
  9. Crawl


Deluxe CD Bonus Disc (only available in Limited Edition Box Set)

  1. Waiting For The Sun (Unreleased Bonus Studio Track)
  2. Geronimo (Alternate Instrumental Arrangement & Mix)
  3. You Are Not Alone (Alternate Instrumental Arrangement & Mix)
  4. Love Letter (Alternate Acoustic Arrangement & Mix)
  5. Last Train Home (Alternate Instrumental Arrangement & Mix)
  6. Crawl (Alternate Instrumental Arrangement & Mix)


Third Degree comes in 4 formats:

  • Limited edition box set featuring CD, 40 page photobook, two coasters, and a bonus disc with six tracks
  • Limited edition 2LP 180 gram blue vinyl in a gatefold sleeve (w/ download card) 
  • 2LP 180 gram black vinyl in a gatefold sleeve (w/ download card)
  • CD Digipack (single disc version)
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