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Neal Morse Virtual Masterclass


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All Sessions Download (Includes WAV Stems) $60.00 BONUS: includes WAV stems and a rough mix.
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Session 1 Download $25.00
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Hello, fellow music lovers!

I don’t know about you, but I could use some music and interaction just about now. So, I’m gonna do some songwriting/recording/production/barista sessions and you are welcome to hang out for two of my favorite things: creating music and drinking coffee!

The three topics I’ve chosen for the three sessions are:

  1. Songwriting and Initial Inspiration – The First Level
  2. Completing and Recording – The Demo Level
  3. Making Records – Bringing It to the Next Level

Each session will be 75-90 minutes long and will be interactive and spontaneous. I will be writing a song before your eyes and ears and you can give me your suggestions live in the moment. It will be watchable after the fact and at the very end we can hang out, have a special coffee, and discuss music and whatever else is on your mind. Sound like fun? Who’s in?!

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