Pre-order Neal Morse’s “The Dreamer – Joseph: Part One” now at Radiant Records, set for release on August 11, 2023.

Available in 2LP Brick Orange Vinyl (a Radiant exclusive!) and CD + 12-page color booklet.

SPECIAL RADIANT OFFER: First 200 preorders of either version will be signed by Neal! Five pre-orders chosen at random will receive a unique handwritten copy of the lyrics to “Like A Wall,” written and signed by Neal.

Click HERE to learn more and pre-order today!

** PLEASE NOTE: At the time of pre-ordering, the label doesn’t have a guaranteed production date for the vinyl.  We very much hope that will be the same time as the CD / release day, but there is a chance it may be slightly later. So, if you order both the CD and vinyl and there is a delay, please note that the order won’t ship until the vinyl is ready and in stock.

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